EDM Assessment & Benchmark

EDM Assessment

Journey to Data Nirvana

DataWise utilizes the DMM Assessment method, launched in 2012 at the Securities and Exchange Commission by our CEO, which has delivered 100% client satisfaction.  If you want to measure your EDM program definitively, gain consensus on strengths and gaps, and create a strategy to implement effective, practical EDM processes, the Assessment is unparalleled as the quickest solution.

In planning for and operationalizing EDM, our Assessment puts you on a firm foundation with your stakeholders and executives.

  • Step One – discover the factswherever you are, there you are’
    • Evaluate the current state of data management practices across the organization, with all key stakeholders represented – yielding the consensus ‘voice of the customer’
    • Measure – ‘We’re here now, we want to be there’ – set targets aligned with the business strategy
    • Benchmark – Discover what’s good, neutral, and challenging across the scope of 25 EDM process areas
    • Roadmap – Create a targeted sequence of initiatives for rapid progress – – scope, projects, disciplines, time horizon.

The DataWise DMM Assessment delivers Step One. Armed with the results, communicated and socialized, our clients typically obtain funding and immediately launch key EDM implementation initiatives.

  • Step Two – commit to a permanent EDM Program
    • Staff – define an organization to lead and execute
    • Strategy – Build the EDM Strategy based on the Roadmap, with business rationale leadership, resources, technologies – what you’re committing to and when
    • Start – determine the domains / data sets most critical to mission success
    • Pilot and then institutionalize sound practices (policies, processes, standards, training, guidelines, governance).

Conducting a facilitated DMM Assessment yields important benefits to an organization, as it fosters extensive organizational engagement and delivers impactful results in a very short timeframe.

  • Collaboration event engaging broad stakeholder participation
  • Capabilities evaluated by consensus agreement
  • Solicits key business input through senior staff interviews
  • Verifies evaluation with work product reviews (evidence)
  • Reveals specific gaps and quick fixes for each DMM process area
  • Analyzes organizational factors that influence program success
  • Compares EDM performance to an industry-wide benchmark
  • Customized roadmap of customized project initiatives over a 18-24 month timeframe, with business case rationale, key tasks, and resource recommendations.

Assessment Deliverables

  • The Assessment Scoring mechanism captures precise scoring and detailed examples. This capability snapshot helps target EDM improvements over time, leveraging the DMM’s built-in capability enablement path.
  • The Assessment Final Report is typically 90-100 pages in length, fully substantiated. It is intended as a justification for funding and organizational commitment, and our clients employ it as strategic guidance  for the EDM program.
  • The Executive Briefing presents a synthesized summary and highlights to senior managers, a platform for funding requests.

What’s the Total Time Required?

From contract initiation to final deliverables, the duration is 9-11 weeks.

Phase 1 - Kickoff

4-6 weeks

Phase 2 - Assessment

1 week

Phase 3 - Report / Guidance

4 weeks

  • Client Preparation – gather work products, invite workshop participants and interviewees, arrange logistics– supported by DataWise
  • On-Site Assessment – DataWise facilitates 4 three-hour workshops, conducts interviews, reviews work products
  • Report and Briefing Preparation – DataWise develops the Final Report, based on DMM scoring and all information gathered, and an accompanying Executive Briefing.

Alternative Assessment Scoping

If an organization is not quite ready for an organization-wide strategic commitment or experiences budget constraints. DataWise will customize the DMM Assessment engagement on request.  Some useful alternatives are:

  • DMM Evaluation – Employing the DMM Compass, an abridged version of the DMM, the organization focuses on one or more key business areas in depth.
  • Business Engagement Evaluation – Employing selected Categories of the DMM, usually Data Governance and Data Quality, the organization focuses on DMM process areas that require the highest level of engagement from data stewards and business data experts.

Is your organization interested in exploring the value of an EDM Assessment?