EDM Certification Training

DataWise is the sole provider of on-site official EDM certification classes, as a premiere Partner of the CMMI Institute. Courses lead to the Enterprise Data Management Associate (EDMA) and the Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) certifications awarded by CMMI Institute.

Building EDM Capabilities

Certification: Enterprise Data Management Associate (EDMA)

This three-day on-site course for 12-25 students provides a comprehensive education in fundamental data management concepts and practices, addressing 25 core capabilities needed for an organization to be successful in managing its critical data.  Building EDM Capabilities empowers the student to:

  • Understand data management from an organization-wide perspective – critical in establishing a successful EDM program
  • Learn what their role is in managing and improving the data assets
  • Learn the business benefits of performing sound data management processes
  • Identify organizational challenges to implementation and how to overcome them
  • Apply concepts of the Data Management Maturity (DMM)SM Model, class exercises, and class materials to their own work within the organization.

Format:  Learning takes place through lecture, discussion, quizzes, handouts immediately applicable to student’s work, and team exercises, applying data management practices to implementation strategies and plans.  Students benefit from extensive real-world examples of approaches, achievements, and challenges drawn from many organizations.

AudienceNo prior knowledge of data management is required.  Our students are typically drawn from the following roles:

  • Business data experts and data stewards
  • Business and IT leaders
  • Risk, audit and privacy staff
  • IT data professionals
  • Data management professionals.

Certification:  The course fee includes the CMMI Institute Enterprise Data Management Associate (EDMA) exam fee, an individual copy of the DMM, and all materials and files.

Class Schedule — Building EDM Capabilities

Day 1

Module 1
Course Introduction

Module 2
DMM Model and Method

Module 3
Category: Data Management Strategy

Module 4
Category: Data Governance

Day 2

Module 5
Category: Data Quality

Module 6
Category: Data Operations

Module 7
Category: Platform and Architecture

Day 3

Module 8
Category: Supporting Processes

Module 9
EDM Associates Exam

Module 10
Wrap-Up & Questions

Class Sequence:

For each of the DMM’s 25 process areas, we explore:

  • Data management activities and key work products
  • Benefits to the organizations of performing the process well
  • Challenges to implementing the processes and how to overcome them
  • Key factors supporting successful implementation.

Concepts are applied and clarified through examples, class activities and exercises.


The class encourages collaboration and a thorough understanding of how students can be actively engaged in building, improving and sustaining the organization’s data assets. Organizations find that class participants increase participation in data governance activities and have increased enthusiasm to tackle data-related initiatives.

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Data Management Strategy
Data Governance
Data Quality
Data Operations
Platform & Architecture
Supporting Processes

Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME)

Certification: Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME)

This intensive five-day on-site class is designed for 2-4 students who want to master the DMM for internal program development or external consulting and learn in detail how to conduct a full DMM Assessment for any organization, deliver actionable results, and assure client satisfaction. This information-packed class can be compared to a graduate education in EDM.

The first course segment, Implementing EDM, empowers attendees to achieve a thorough knowledge of the DMM and a firm grounding in best practices for implementing EDM programs and drive data management process improvements.

  • Employing a detailed case study in a team setting, students apply data management implementation to an organization

    • Develop an enterprise-wide data quality program
    • Understand how an organization succeeds in implementing data management
    • Gain a detailed understanding of critical DMM Process Areas and how they are linked in the EDM program
    • Learn how to navigate organizational change management for EDM.

  • Attendees who successfully complete this class will be equipped to assist an organization in developing EDM programs and to lead implementation efforts, either for their own organization or as an expert consultant for any organization.

Class Schedule — Implementing EDM

Day 1

Module 1
Course Introduction

Module 2
Implementing the DMM

Module 3
Work Products

Module 4
Governance: Deep Dive

Module 5
Data Management Responsibilities

Module 6
Level 3

Module 7
Business Glossary - Deep Dive

Module 8
Metadata Management

Day 2

Module 9
Key Process Areas

Module 10
Customer Management

Module 11
Data Quality Program - Team Preparation

Module 12
Measurement and Metrics

Module 13
Data Quality Program - Team Presentation

Module 14
Consulting Skills

Module 15
Change Management

Module 16
Core EDM Program Needs

The second portion of the course, Conduct a DMM Assessment, fully equips students to lead a DMM Assessment for any organization across all industries, write a strategic and substantive report, and create a customized roadmap for EDM implementation. The Assessment provides immense benefits to an organization, including forging a shared vision, engaging data governance, and developing an actionable, targeted two-year data management roadmap for rapid results.

The emphasis is leadership, including preparing for and conducting a DMM Assessment, writing a compelling report and executive briefing, managing process improvement efforts, developing data management business cases, and sustaining engagement over time.


  • Employing an extended case study, attendees will prepare for and conduct an in-class DMM Assessment of several process areas
  • Develop knowledge and confidence to guide an organization in any industry through a DMM Assessment, step-by-step:
    • How to master the model through applying professional experiences
    • How to develop the Scope of Work
    • How to prepare the client organization
    • How to facilitate the DMM workshops
    • How to conduct work products reviews
    • How to conduct Assessment interviews
    • How to structure and develop the DMM Assessment Report
    • How to develop business cases for data management initiatives
    • How to sequence the EDM Roadmap
    • How to prepare and deliver a compelling executive briefing.


  • Attendees will deepen their knowledge and confidence to design enterprise-wide data management programs and synthesize an optimal improvement path.

Class Schedule — Conducting a DMM Assessment

Day 3

Module 1
Interpreting the DMM

Module 2
Define Assessment Scope

Module 3
Client Organization Prep

Module 4
Assessment Team Prep

Module 5
Presentation Skills

Module 6
Workshops Prep / Setup

Day 4

Module 7
Conducting the Workshop

Module 8
Facilitation Skills

Module 9
Review Work Products

Module 10
Interviewing Skills

Module 11
Schedule Options for Workshops

Module 12
Mock Assessment Prep

Module 13
Mock Assessments 1

Day 5

Module 13 Continued
Mock Assessments Continued

Module 14
Synthesizing Assessment Results -- Report Template

Module 15
Final Report / Exec Briefing

Module 16
Post-Assessment Consulting

Module 17
Consulting Skills / Change Management

Module 18
EDME Observation

Audience:  Suitable for any EDMA certified individual who wants to master the DMM as an EDM program design and implementation tool and is interested in conducting official DMM Assessments.

Pre-Requisites:  Before attending the EDME course, participants must:

  • Complete the Building Enterprise Data Management Capabilities training
  • Successfully pass the EDM Associate exam.

Attendees who complete this course will:

  • Receive a certificate of completion from the CMMI Institute
  • Be eligible for Observation of their first DMM Assessment, which fulfills the CMMI Institute requirement for granting the EDME certification.

EDME Certification:  When the student completes the EDME class, DataWise arranges with the CMMI Institute for a formal Observation of the student’s first DMM Assessment engagement.  DataWise provides coaching, mentoring and feedback, and writes an Observation report attesting to successful execution, authorizing the EDME certification. The Observation may be conducted any time within one year following the course.

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