EDM Consulting & Products

DataWise offers experienced, expert consulting services to help organizations fast-track their progress in implementing an EDM program. Our extensive track record of successes and client satisfaction can help your organization establish and quickly build key data management capabilities.

EDM Strategy

Most of our clients immediately start implementing the EDM Assessment roadmap recommendations and initiatives, which provide a large portion of an organization-wide EDM strategy. DataWise can assist you to build out a fully articulated EDM Strategy, starting with the EDM Assessment Final Report, including:

Executive Education

Many highly successful executives have earned their role through demonstrated excellence and stellar performance results but may not have an extensive background in data management. DataWise offers small group workshops and 1:1 training for executives, based on our extensive experience assisting many organizations to value sound data management principles and prioritize time, talent, and treasure.

Data Management Organization Design

For the organization standing up a new Data Management Organization (DMO), DataWise can partner with you to design the right-sized nucleus of positions, projects, governance and tasks to quickly prove value to the organization and make rapid implementation progress. Our CEO has helped clients get their DMO up and running and designed the Office of the CDO for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Organizational elements addressed include:

Enterprise Data Quality Strategy

Overall, EDM can be reduced to three major pillars – Architecture, Governance, and Quality. Of these, data quality – achieving trusted, accurate, timely and available data – is the most important for business lines and analytics teams (your most important internal customer). Organizations typically perform data quality activities ad hoc, project by project, resulting in lack of standardization of techniques, methods, and toolsets (a major loss of collective efficiency).

An organization-wide commitment to improving data quality across ‘enterprise data’ (shared data consumed by multiple business lines) is needed. DataWise offers a popular seminar on how to create a Data Quality Strategy and can work with your organization to analyze key persistent issues, develop and implement a strategy and roadmap addressing all relevant business lines and key persistent issues.

Consultative Coaching and Mentoring

DataWise has decades of experience in enterprise-wide program planning, building consensus and gaining agreement among disparate organizational groups. We will partner with you to plan effectively, overcome obstacles, increase staff and peer organization engagement, and break the pattern of project-oriented thinking about data assets. DataWise can assist you to:


EDM Reference Model Development

The original scope of the DMM was targeted to the financial community in response to regulatory drivers. During development of the baseline content, the leadership team, including our CEO, determined that we would concentrate on fundamental data management processes useful for every organization, and pertinent to that community’s needs. During the formal model construction phase of the DMM, our CEO led the effort to add content and context, apply reference model best practices exemplified in the 30+ year history of CMMI for Development, and apply abstraction for application to every industry.

However, there are other data management processes which may be important to an organization, to which best practices can be leveled, codified, and structured for benchmark evaluation. If your organization has an interest in analytics, master data management, privacy, security, content management, or other data management topics, DataWise offers extensive expertise, an ideal partner to develop a comprehensive topic-oriented reference model for benchmarking, aligned with the DMM’s proven approach.

For example, our CEO led development for the Patient Demographic Data Quality (PDDQ) Framework for the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (HHS ONC). Based on extensive industry research and the Data Management Maturity Model, this targeted, streamlined capability benchmark enables healthcare provider organizations to assess gaps in patient data management processes, minimize duplicate records, and improve patient data for reporting and analytics. It is available on the HHS ONC web site.

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