about us

We Know What GOOD Looks Like.

DataWise, Inc. is dedicated to assisting organizations to achieve their business goals, which depend on sound management practices to assure accurate, trusted and accessible data.

With the comprehensive results of our Data Management Assessment, and a roadmap of key initiatives to strengthen your data management program, your organization can coalesce around a shared vision, justify funding and make rapid progress.

DataWise is the world leader in conducting comprehensive Data Management Assessments, providing high strategic and tactical value to our clients across many industries. 100% of our many clients have been highly satisfied with the results.

DataWise is the sole provider, and was the lead author, of our intensive instructor-led courses. These have been delivered to many organizations since 2015, and are continuously improved. They synthesize conceptual learning with practical application, and are illustrated by implementation examples from organizations in many industries.
Our professionally produced eLearning courses enable organizations to educate a large number of staff through a self-service model, enhancing data literacy and preparing attendees to make significant contributions to data-related tasks.

Clarity = Power

For decades, organizations have struggled with fragmented data assets and have often lacked a clear vision of what an optimized future state should be – how they should harness, build, manage, and improve their enterprise data.

Clarity is:

  • Knowing what you want to achieve
  • Collaborative agreement – What does ‘Good’ look like?
  • Understanding what needs to be accomplished to get there
  • Clear and approved vision, strategy and plans
  • Thoughtful planning with organization-wide concurrence.

Power is:

  • Focused energy for goal-oriented pursuit
  • Force multiplication with others in tandem
  • Ability to conquer obstacles
  • Collective enthusiasm demonstrated in confident action.

Our extensive experience in evaluating EDM programs, partnering to create data management roadmaps and strategies, achieving cross-organization support, and educating business stakeholders can help you achieve the clarity you need to power your journey to trusted and governed data assets.

Our motto is:
“Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground.”

Our Leadership

Melanie Mecca, CEO of DataWise, has solved enterprise data challenges for decades. She is a well-known expert in the data management industry, and has helped 100+ organizations in all industries to design and implement EDM programs, create target data architectures, establish governance, and improve data quality. She excels at facilitating organizational consensus about the optimized path to data management excellence. DataWise is a proud Partner of the Enterprise Data Management Council, and was a strategic Partner for ISACA/CMMI Institute through the life of the program.
Photo of Melanie Mecca
As CMMI Institute’s Director of Data Management, she was the managing author for the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model, a leading EDM program measurement framework that has been used by organizations in every industry. She created the DMM Assessment method, resulting in a precise benchmark and actionable initiatives, and has led 35+ assessments for financial, technology, health care, consumer product, legal, electric power, mining, Federal and State organizations.

Melanie managed creation of courses for the CMMI Institute’s Enterprise Data Management Associate (EDMA) and Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) certifications. She has delivered over 100 course sessions to date, educating students on four continents.

She excels at development of data management reference models and custom frameworks for benchmarking capabilities. She led creation of the Patient Demographic Data Quality (PDDQ) Framework for Health and Human Services, an abbreviated derivative of the DMM for internal governance organizations (DMM Compass), the Provider Directory Data Quality Framework (PDDQF) for health insurers, the Analytics Consumption Framework for data science teams, and the Data Management Self-Assessment for the US military.

Starting in 2021, Melanie has developed a suite of eLearning courses offered B-to-B, with the aim of educating large numbers of staff members, to increase data literacy, empower data stewards, and build data quality capabilities.
CMMI Institute Enterprise Data Management Expert
EDM Council DCAM Certified v2
EDM Council CDMC Accredited v1
EDM Council Responsible AI, Analytics, and Data Accredited

Our Partners

DataWise operates as a prime contractor, and regularly teams with selected data management experts to deliver specialized services. With 35 years of experience hiring staff and leading in-line and matrixed teams, DataWise can deliver outstanding talent to meet your program needs.