Data Management Maturity

Assessments, Roadmaps, Education, and eLearning

DataWise helps organizations to evaluate the maturity of their data management program and develop a roadmap to accelerate the achievement of business objectives.

An educated staff is the key to success! Our instructor-led and eLearning courses for business and technical staff impart concepts, teach practical skills, and build advocacy.

Do You Know what GOOD Looks Like?

An informed, thoughtful strategy is the backbone of a data management program.

Armed with precise knowledge of your organization’s strengths and gaps, and a suite of initiatives customized to enhance your data management program, you can make rapid progress in creating an organization-wide strategy, and implementing tangible improvements. Certified in the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model and the Data Management Capability Assessment (DCAM Model, DataWise has unparalleled expertise in guiding organizations to develop an encompassing vision, strategy, and roadmap for their data assets.

Active, engaged governance requires an educated staff.

Virtually everyone in your organization works with data. Your staff needs to understand their vital role in building, managing, and controlling your data assets.

Our instructor-led courses provide comprehensive information about fundamental data management practices, emphasizing the benefits of implementing sound processes, and how to overcome challenges to implementation. DataWise is a Partner of the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC), and has been a certified ISCACA/CMMI Institute Partner. We offer a comprehensive course for data stewards and their managers, preparing them for actionable data-centered projects, and an expert course for data professionals to guide them in program development and empower them to assess their organization’s capabilities.

DataWise has developed a suite of educational eLearning courses, practical, cost-effective solutions for increasing data literacy, understanding data management maturity, deepening data stewardship, and implementing data quality practices. They are designed to empower your staff and build their confidence to undertake active roles in improving your data.